Who We Are

Recognised and trusted as a supplier and manufacturer of equipment, technology and services to aquaculture and marine markets, our approach to work and business is straightforward - we value customer relationships and strive to deliver a level of service and supply which exceeds expectations.

Based on a philosophy which says 'whatever we do today, we can do better tomorrow', the company has grown from a one-man startup in 1983 to a leading business employing a large, diverse and expanding workforce.

We have established bases in Inverness, Forres, Stornoway, Glasgow, Plymouth and Oban, serving a wide customer base in 4 main sectors - Aquaculture, Marinas & Pontoons, Commercial Fishing & Marine, and Leisure Marine.

Operationally, the core activities of the various group companies are as follows:

Gael Force Engineering is focused on the design and manufacture of feed barges and feed systems, and the design manufacture & installation of pontoons and breakwaters.

Gael Force Marine Equipment is focused on and covers a variety of related activities, including:

  •  the manufacture of creels and supplies to the fishing industry;
  •  mooring services and equipment supplies to the aquaculture, commercial and leisure markets;
  • supply chain management for aquaculture companies;
  •  leisure marine retailing. 

Gael Force Marine Technology serves the aquaculture market with the manufacturing of underwater cameras, lights, seal deterrents and data logging software.

Fusion Marine Ltd is renowned worldwide for its manufacturing of offshore fish farm plastic pens.

Gael Force Rentals targets the aquaculture market with barges and technology products (on rental contracts).

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