Aquaculture Support

24-Hour Support - Scotland

+44 (0)1463 382800

‪Aquaculture Support in Canada - +1 709 702 3815

For customers looking for support on installed aquaculture equipment and technology, please call the number above.

If you have a sales enquiry or wish to track an order then please do not call this telephone number, please contact us via the details on this page link here.

Reliability isn’t just a feature of our equipment and technology.  It is the foundation for which our support offering is built, backed up by experience, technical capability, and 24/7 round the clock accessibility to our expertise. For us, that is what a true, trusted supply partner is all about.

Through our understanding of our customers’ needs, we know that urgent support can occasionally be required at short notice. We pride ourselves in our extensive on-the-ground coverage and the strong practical experience that our team of field service engineers hold.

Our ability to offer 24/7 support when you require it allows you to rest easy knowing that professional support is only a phone call away.

RIB travelling towards pen on the water
Gael Force van

Service Level Agreements

The delivery of continuous and exemplary service to all customers is a high priority for us. To support this, our aquaculture equipment and technology come with Service Level Agreements (SLA). 

We believe this provides our customers with a clear understanding and transparency about what they can expect from our service and the value-added gains from a supply partnership with Gael Force.  And, as every customer is different, we can customise an SLA which will support your individual needs as a fish farmer.


Strong, open communication

As well as having a Service Level Agreement in place, our high standards of service and support are founded on good, strong communication between the customer and us, the supply partner.

Underpinning this is our ability to support you 24/7 through our single support phone line, routing you through to the relevant person with the correct expertise.  Internally, our team is well connected, and support enquiries are recorded and allocated in an efficient and systematic manner to ensure we can offer the correct level of support you require.

Training and On-Site Support

Our comprehensive Product Training Programme carried out by our experienced team of skilled professionals offers fully certified training to ensure farm technicians are fully competent in the use of Gael Force equipment.  We will carefully walk you and your team through equipment components and set-up and advise you on the best ways to maximise productivity with the equipment to help you sustainably care for your fish.  Fully detailed yet easy-to-follow product manuals come with our technology and equipment, offering a handy go-to reference guide when required.

As part of our Service Level Agreements, we provide structured, diarised on-site reviews of newly installed equipment to ensure everything is working smoothly and as expected.


Gael Force employee on site at a fish farm
Fish farmer standing on a pen in situ

Listening to your feedback

We believe the only way we can remain at the top of our game and serve our customers with aquaculture equipment and technology that performs to the highest standards is to continuously ask for, and listen to, honest feedback on our products and services.

Our internal monthly status and trend reporting allow us to capture feedback effectively and identify areas for improvement.

The advantages of our Service Level Agreements

  • Customised Service Level Agreements to suit individual needs
  • Dedicated team member from Gael Force to co-ordinate your project
  • Out of hours telephone support - 24/7, round the clock availability
  • Fully certified training of equipment to ensure full competency
  • Full colour product manuals provided as extra back-up and reference