SeaLight Underwater LED

SeaLight underwater LED light against a grey background

"The SeaLight LEDs that we rented from Gael Force have proven to
be totally robust and very reliable with no failures at all. We noticed
a significant increase in growth in our S0 inputs, after switching to
their LED lights”.

Kal McCulloch (Farm Manager, Grieg Seafood)

The SeaLight LED Light is a robust and reliable underwater aquaculture light that combines high output and long life in a compact, energy-saving, lower emissions package.

This underwater LED light will contribute towards the sustainable growth of your fish and prevent early maturation with energy savings to be made on electricity or fuel compared to conventional lamps and an incredible life expectancy of approximately 70,000 hours.

Birds eye view of three SeaLight lights lit up in a fish pen with salmon swimming around

Key Points

  • Multiple options available: Anodised or stainless steel, blue LED or normal LED lighting - you choose.
  • Lower Power Consumption: Only 240w of power is used per lamp but they produce the equivalent of a 1Kw conventional metal halide lamp.
  • Positive Environmental Impact: Great for the environment with energy savings on either electricity or fuel compared to conventional lamps.
  • Long Life Span: 14 times longer lifespan than conventional lights.
  • Dimmable: 0-100% dimmable.
  • Optimal Control: Each pen or tank can be independently controlled, allowing dimming and brightening to be set out of normal hours.
  • Simple Functionality: Up to four lights can be controlled and are dimmable from a single control box.
  • Easy Installation: Extremely simple to install.
  • After Sales Support: Fully backed up with an attentive after-sales service to ensure you are set up correctly to get the very best from your lighting.


Power Consumption 240 watts (approx.)
Colour Temperature 400K
Light Output 28,360 lumens
Life Expectancy 70,000 hours
Diameter 120 mm
Height 110 mm
Weight 1.5kg anodised LED. 4.5kg stainless steel LED.
System Power Supply Input: 110 – 240Vac. Output: 1-4 lamps 60Vdc, 4A.
Power Factor Correction PF = 0.99

Cost Saving Comparison:

Discover the advantages of SeaLight’s low power consumption for yourself by asking us to specify a small fuel-efficient generator to run your lights overnight.

SeaLight offers direct financial savings to you, as shown in the comparison below, but also benefits the environment with its reduced energy usage.

Conventional Light SeaLight
Generator Size 65kva 9kva
Fuel Consumption 14.3 l/h 2.5 l/h
Diesel Price (example cost) £0.65 £0.65
Hours Running 13 13
Overnight Running Cost £120.84 £21.13

In this example, using our SeaLight can save you approximately £100 per day in fuel. Challenge us to look at your site and calculate how much you could save.

Man in blue jacket testing out the SeaLight controller with the SeaLight light at a desk
SeaLight LED control box against a white background

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