M2 Pro ROV Underwater Drone

Chasing M2 Pro Drone inspecting a net underwater

New and affordable, the CHASING M2 Pro underwater drone is here

Meet 'CHASING M2 PRO', a professional underwater ROV/Drone designed for professional users and industrial applications.

The maximum speed is 4 Knots, depth is 150 metres and the maximum horizontal radius is 400 metres. CHASING M2 Pro offers a built-in 4K / 1080p and 12 megapixel EIS image stabilization camera, 4000 lumens LED lights, removable battery and removable Micro SD memory card.

The M2 Pro has 8 Vectored Thrusters layout which allows OMNI movement in all directions. Compared to the CHASING M2, the M2 Pro motor has been upgraded by 50%.

The aluminium alloy compact body (weighs less than 6 kg / 13 lbs) allows single-person operation and Quick-Deployment in 3 minutes

Not only is it compatible with sophisticated attachments such as Grabber Claw, Floodlight and laser scaler, but it is also compatible with the Control Console (High-brightness Screen), Docking station, USBL underwater positioning, 700Wh battery, Multibeam sonar, Auxiliary Camera and other M2 Pro Exclusive Enhanced Accessories.

The CHASING M2 Pro is your portable, easy use and reliable light industrial underwater ROV.

Key Features

  • Stronger power: 4 knots speed.
  • Maximum dive depth: 150 metres (490 ft).
  • Unlimited battery life with AC Power Supply.
  • 700Wh battery, 5 hours battery life.
  • USBL Underwater positioning.
  • Multi-beam sonar and more accessories.
  • 4K+EIS Image stabilization, F1.8 Aperture.


Size 480 * 267 * 165 mm
Weight ≈ 5.7 kg
Max Depth 150 metres
Max Speed 2 m/s (4 knots)
Runtime Up to 4 hours
Battery 300 Wh
Operating Temperature -10° C ~ 45° C
CMOS 1/2.3
Lens F1.8
Focus 1m
ISO Range 100 - 6400
FOV 152°
Max Resolution 12 Meg Pixel
Format JPEG / DNG
Video UHD: 3840 * 2160 (4K) 30 Fps / FHD: 1920 * 1080 (1080p) 30/60/120 Fps
Slow Motion 720p: 8x (240 Fps); 1080p: 4x (120 Fps)
Time Lapse 4K / 1080p supported
Video Stream 60 M
Video Format MP4
SD Card 128G
Power 2.9 A / 25.2 V
ROV Charging Time 4.5 hours
RC Charging Time 2 hours
Brightness 2*2000 Lumens
Colour Temperature 5000K~5500K
Cri 85
Dimming 3 Gears
Imu axis gyro/accelerometer/compass
Depth Sensor <±0.25m
Temperature Sensor <±2° C
Control Console
Size 484 * 375 * 178 mm
Weight ≈ 8 kg
Display 1920*1080,1000cd/m2
Operating Temperature -10° C ~ 45° C
Power Supply 21.6 V
Interface RJ45*2, USB 2.0*2, QC3.0 U SB*1, AC Input*1, AC output to ROV*1
Remote Controller
Size 160 * 155 * 125 mm
Weight 685g
Battery 2500mAh
Runtime ≥ 6H (depending on the environment)
Wireless Wi-Fi supported
HDMI Support
Handle Spring Maximum support 10 inch
Chasing M2 Pro Drone inspecting underwater
Front view of Chasing M2 Pro Drone facing slightly to the right
Front view of Chasing M2 Pro Drone facing slightly to the left with grabber claw open and extended
Side view of Chasing M2 Pro Drone with accessories on top
Front view of Chasing M2 Pro Drone facing slightly to the left with lens expanded
Face on view of the Chasing M2 Pro Drone

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