SeaSight PTZ Camera

Black SeaSight 410 camera underwater

The SeaSight SD Camera is an extremely robust, yet versatile unit designed for long-term deployment in exposed aquaculture sites.

It offers a 360-degree continuous pan and tilt which means no stops and no blind spots.

It is also fitted with a simple lens cleaning brush which will remove any build-up of fouling or cleaner fish without having to pull up the camera each time it needs to be cleaned.

Key Points

  • High-quality video - “Colour and monochrome” or “Monochrome only” cameras are available with optical setup tuned for optimum image and pellet identification.
  • Infrared mode - Our colour cameras drop into IR (mono) mode at very low light levels offering a highly flexible solution.
  • Optional on-board optical dissolved oxygen sensor (pictured below) can be mounted under a field-removable support plate meaning it can be retrofitted to an existing camera or removed for service without the camera leaving the site.
  • The camera has also been fitted with an onboard depth sensor that is able to provide depth which is accurate to 0.1m.
  • Data from all connected sensors is overlaid onto the video image.
  • Used in conjunction with the SeaSight data logger; temperature, oxygen and depth can be recorded against time for analysis.


Video system PAL
Resolution 530 TV Lines
Total pixels 795 x 596
Pan / Tilt 360 degrees / 360 degrees
Weight 7.5 kg
Depth rating 110 m
Power supply 24 Vdc
Connector BH8MP
Depth sensor range / accuracy 50 m / 0.1 m
Black SeaSight 410 camera with fittings on the side
Close up of the black SeaSight 410 camera

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