SeaSight HD PTZ Camera

Black HD camera underwater with the Gael Force logo engraved into the side

Crisp HD underwater imagery and new, user-friendly SeaSight Control software makes feed monitoring and fish inspection easy.

Our camera technology has significantly advanced with the development of this SeaSight HD Pan and Tilt Underwater Camera.

Capturing video in crystal clear high definition, the SeaSight HD, combined with new SeaSight Control software and SeaSight Double Winch, will provide you with greater control and makes the task of feed monitoring and fish inspection simpler.

Key Points

  • High Definition Video - "Colour and Monochrome" or "Monochrome Only" cameras are available with an optical setup tuned for optimum image and feed pellet identification.
  • Lens Cleaning Brush removes any build-up of fouling or cleaner fish on the lens without having to pull up the camera each time it needs to be cleaned.
  • Vision in low light - Our colour cameras drop into Infrared Mode (mono) at very low light levels.
  • Continuous pan and tilt function offers 360° movement
  • Oxygen and Depth Sensors - Optional onboard optical dissolved oxygen sensor can be mounted under a field removable support plate.
  • Data Overlay - Data from all connected sensors is overlaid onto the video image.
  • Data Logging - Temperature, oxygen and depth can be recorded against time for analysis with SeaSight Data Logger.
  • Robust Outer Casing protects against the harsh marine environment.


Video system IP
Resolution 1080p
Total Pixels 1920 x 1080
Pan / Tilt 360 degrees / 360 degrees
Weight 11.5 kg
Depth Rating 50 m
Power Supply 24 Vdc
Oxygen Temperature Sensor 7020 (optional)
Depth Sensor Range / Accuracy 50 m / 0.1 m
Text describing some of the features of the HD camera detailed elsewhere on the page

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