Aqua Feed Blower

White framed Robox aqua feed blower with blue panel for dials against a white background

We offer a range of blowers that use low pressure, high volume technology to ensure the airflow rate remains at a suitable level when promptly, yet gently, supplying feed to fish. Pellets are susceptible to damage and can be broken up when being conveyed from the feed barge to pens. As a result, the pressure of the air being delivered is absolutely critical.

Rotary Lobe Blowers are a reliable and proven component for fish farming applications, such as pellet feeding and pond aeration – but with the farms themselves getting bigger, space on the barges can be at a premium. A small footprint is therefore a key requirement for modern blowers.

Key Points

  • Improved efficiency - capable of supplying high flow rates.
  • Low noise - noise levels below 80 dB(A) with sound enclosure.
  • Easy installation - fewer components and easier to install when space is short.
  • Long uptime - compact layout with direct coupling offers minimum maintenance and long service life.
  • Modular and stackable design - stackable to reduce space constraints.


Footprint with noise enclosure 770 x 1,630mm
Footprint without noise enclosure 700 x 1,574mm
Total height 1,290mm
Blower inside 1x RBS 55
Motor rated power 22 or 30kW
Piping connection DN65 (1 outlet)

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