Evolution Feed Blower

Four blue framed evolution feed blowers set up next to each other inside feed barge

We offer a range of blowers that use low pressure, high volume technology to ensure the airflow rate remains at a suitable level when promptly, yet gently, supplying feed to fish. Pellets are susceptible to damage and can be broken up when being conveyed from the feed barge to pens. As a result, the pressure of the air being delivered is absolutely critical.

The Evolution Blower is the result of research and development by ROBUSCHI on its units for low-pressure operation which makes this blower quieter, more compact, safer, and more reliable.

The new characteristics make it possible to reduce: system costs thanks to the optimization of the space; operating costs thanks to its low energy consumption and elimination of all risks of unit breakdown ensured by the innovative electronic SENTINEL monitoring system; maintenance costs thanks to the facilitated accessibility of every part for routine servicing.

Key Points

  • Low running costs – thanks to the low energy consumption.
  • Compact - it has reduced dimensions and limited overall sizes. Several of these blowers can be installed side by side to reduce the space they require.
  • Simple inspection - all the maintenance operations are performed from the front with the removal of the front panel or panels and/or the opening of the upper panel.
  • Silent Operation – this blower offers noiseless operation with a noise rate of 6 dB (A) lower than the previous series.

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