Rotary Valve and Conveyer

Wide view of sluice box connected up in the lower levels of the feed barge

Our engineering professionals have carefully designed and assembled SeaFeed’s rotary valve and screw conveyer comprised of the correct components to ensure feed is treated gently during its journey through the feed system - all while offering accurate feed dispensing and calibration.

Close up of a sluice box in the lower level of a feed barge

Key Points

  • Deep sluice box allows for more room for feed pellets.
  • Capacitive high-level hopper sensor will know when feed pellets have reached a certain high level in the sluice box. This sensor is also unaffected by dust accumulation.
  • Similar to the selector, safety switches are fitted to the sluice box.
  • Food grade fully welded flight on the feed conveyer.
  • Highly durable NORD gear motor.
Close up of the screw conveyor below the sluice box
Cleaning station on feed conveyor with pressure valve, temperature sensors and quick release valve

Cleaning station on feed conveyer has integrated pressure, temperature sensors and quick release for swift and simple access.

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