SeaFeed Spreader

SeaFeed spreader - Black square tubing to hold the feed with a steel pipe spout

As the final crucial point in the feed’s journey from silo to pen, the SeaFeed Spreader will reliably, controllably, and gently deliver feed to your fish at low operating costs.

Robustly engineered, our spreader has an adjustable outlet nozzle that can be customised in its alignment by site operatives to suit different feed types and pen sizes thus offering a variable spread to suit individual farm feeding styles.

The robust float is a fabricated rectangle design offering total stability in the water which will, in turn, contribute to an even distribution of feed.

Key Points

  • Ensuring that pellets are handled gently is what SeaFeed is all about, and our spreader has been constructed to help do exactly this.
  • Bearing assembly has a quick release coupler to enable easy removal of the bearing assembly for workshop maintenance, reducing time in the pen.
  • Smooth surfaces minimise fish damage.
  • Designed to provide an excellent, balanced spread.
  • Stable, robust floating base designed to feed to your expectations in high energy conditions.

The Bearing Design

The SeaFeed Spreader bearing component is intelligently designed for long life.

A purpose-built, extremely low friction bearing with an open self-cleaning design [1].

Easy access, quick-release design with splines [2] and a stop [3] for accurate and robust placement of the feed pipe and threaded fixing holes [4] for connection to the base.

The open bearing design incorporates sloping surfaces [5] to encourage flushing with rainwater and sea spray thus reducing the accumulation of debris in the bearing races, and therefore increasing the longevity of the spreader and enhancing overall performance.

SeaFeed Spreader Specifications

Feed pipe diameter 90mm
Max pellet size 12mm
Recommended RPM 50-80 RPM
Spread diameter Variable
Materials Stainless steel, aluminium, poly-acetal, HDPE
Height 1140mm above water / 100mm below water
Total weight 52kg
Bearing max/min temperature range 80 / -40°C

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