A number of large buoys piled in a group with one more in focus with SeaQureBuoy written across it in gold writing

Designed specifically for the Aquaculture market, the SeaQureBuoy offers enhanced buoy stability with increasing buoyancy when under load.

Made from rotationally moulded UV stabilised polyethylene with an extra heavy wall-thickness of 8mm and filled with expanded polystyrene foam the heavy-duty SeaQureBuoy also has high tensile pre-tensioned lifting chain pre-fitted.


The SeaQureBuoy is designed to be fitted to SeaQureLink or Shackle Plate through SeaQureFast fibre connector eliminating shackles or swivels between buoy and mooring node leading lower maintenance costs.


Man wearing hi visibility jacket and hard hat examines the connector of a large SeaQureBuoy

Key Points

  • Pear-shaped for improved stability in the water and progressively increasing buoyancy under load.
  • Rotationally moulded, low-density polyethylene.
  • Heavy wall thickness, 8mm Polyethylene shell.
  • Expanded Polystyrene non-water absorbing foam filled.
  • Graded 80, high tensile chain fitted through buoy, designed for the safe lifting of grid nodes under tension for inspection.
  • Moulded in recess for accommodating marker lights or beacons.
  • The ability to custom fit any steel fixing bracket to moulded in steel threaded sockets.
  • Standard 3 metres of chain with master link removing the need for any swivels or shackles below the buoy reducing maintenance costs and failure risks of shackles.
  • Range from 620 litres to 2020 litres.


Model Option Volume (L) Weight (kg) Net buoyancy (kg) L (cm) D (cm) Light armature option
600+ 620 60 560 127 120 No
850 873 73 800 143 120 Yes
1100 1130 95 1035 165 120 Yes
1350 1380 118 1262 188 120 Yes
1600 1640 130 1510 213 120 Yes
2000 2020 180 1900 228 117 x 117 Yes
Large buoy with chain connected at the bottom and connector at the top. SeaQureBuoy written in gold letters

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