SeaQureLink - yellow ring connection node in the water connected with webbing sling

SeaQureLink mooring grid connection node has been designed by Gael Force’s in-house engineering team drawing on over 30 years of experience in design and specification of specialised mooring systems for aquaculture.

SeaQureLink is a maintenance-free, super high strength mooring connection node with no moving parts.

It is proven to be maintenance-free over very long life cycles and is not susceptible to fatigue-inducing flex such as that experienced with lifting sling based nodes.

SeaQureLink - yellow ring connection node with scale of tensile force applied to areas of the product

Key Points

  • Super high strength connection node tested to 185 tonnes.
  • No metal to metal connections therefore dramatically reducing any future maintenance required.
  • Inherent system ballast preventing grid floating upwards and therefore minimising the chance of ropes being cut by propellers.
  • Solid, stable and rigid, operating in shear to known load capacities.
  • No fatigue-inducing flexing as experienced with a lifting sling based node point.
  • No potential to suffer from salt ingress into fibre filaments.
  • Heat-treated, galvanised and epoxy coated.
  • Reduces the buoyancy requirement compared to shackle plates.


Number of loading areas 8
Construction material Cast Steel
Grade BS3100:1991 BT1
Ultimate tensile force (tonnes) 185 ton (tested)
Mass (kg) 66 kg
SeaQureLink - yellow ring connection node

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