SeaQureLink - yellow ring connection node in the water connected with webbing sling

When our customers choose to partner with us for the design and delivery of their pen and barge moorings, we are always focused on meeting and exceeding the required technical standards.

This underpins the robustness on which our aquaculture specific mooring system SeaQureMoor is based – it's a system combining innovative components designed to safely secure your stock and equipment.

Fully equipped with the skills and wide-ranging knowledge picked up from the aquaculture industry over 30 years, our team of qualified, industry experienced engineers designed and rigorously tested a system which is now renowned for rapid deployment, fast set positioning and reduced wear and maintenance.

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Key Features

  • SeaQureMoor is a pen and barge mooring system which is tough enough to stand up to many different hostile marine environments.
  • The complete package – consultancy, forces calculations, intelligent design, specification, and strong after-sales service.
  • Using NS9415 certified software, we custom-design mooring systems to particular customer requirements, such as location, sea state, and weather parameters - completing a detailed analysis of maximum loads and performance requirements.
  • The SeaQureMoor System is pre-fabricated and pre-assembled off-site in a controlled ISO9001 environment meaning that fast deployment can take place safely and without difficulty, with full traceability of tested components.
  • We work closely with dedicated installation and maintenance partners who ensure that our mooring systems are correctly installed.
  • Maintenance manuals provided with each system along with ongoing support from our team.

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Six fish pens with arrows pointing to aspects of the mooring system used - anchor, connectors, chain, rope, gride connection node and buoy

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