SeaQureShackle - Yellow bow shackle with blue pin lying flat

Manufactured to our exacting standards based on the G-2130 spec shackle, the superior SeaQureShackle captures three extra layers of safety and durability in its design. It comes internally threaded, is secured with a nut and includes a metal retaining pin for added strength, security and peace of mind.

Sizes range from 4.75T up to 25T and the shackles come supplied with a test certificate. Manufactured to EN13889 Standard Grade 6.

Key Points

  • Material: High Tensile Steel and Alloy Steel
  • Drop Forged, Quenched and Tempered,
  • Safety factor: 6:1
  • Test: Batch Tested and Certified
  • Finish: Powder Coated After Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Meets Performance Requirements U.S. Federal Specification RR-C-271 and EN 13889: 2003


Product Code Inches W.L.L. (ton) D (mm) d (mm) B (mm) H (mm) 2r (mm) Weight (kg)
MH010004 3/4" 4.75T 19mm 22mm 31mm 72mm 51mm 1.2kg
MH010006 7/8" 6.5T 22mm 25mm 36mm 84mm 58mm 1.7kg
MH010008 1" 8.5T 25mm 28mm 43mm 95mm 68mm 2.6kg
MH010009 1 1/8" 9.5T 28mm 32mm 46mm 108mm 75mm 3.5kg
MH010012 1 1/4" 12T 31.8mm 35mm 51.6mm 119mm 82.5mm 4.85kg
MH010013 1 3/8" 13.5T 35mm 38mm 57.2mm 133mm 92mm 6.5kg
MH010017 1 1/2" 17T 38mm 41.4mm 60.5mm 146mm 98.5mm 9kg
MH010025 1 3/4" 25T 44.5mm 51mm 73.2mm 178mm 127mm 14kg
Dimensions for shackle. Capital D refers to centre diameter. r refers to radius. H refers to the inside height. Lower case d refers to width of pin. B refers to inner length of shackle base.

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