Bird Net Poles

Wide view of a pen in rough waters with bird net poles around the entire pen providing support

Our bird net poles are a strong and flexible anti-predator net supporting structure that are quick to install and easy to store.

Key Points

  • Minimises in pen furniture leading to potential mortality from concussion.
  • Minimising loads on pen handrails from large BNSW structures on high energy sites.
  • Reduced visual impact.
  • Easier access for well boats/service vessels for stock husbandry purposes.



  • Pultrided composite tube produced in glass fibre armed polyester. 
  • Ø46/50/54mm Grey Pole in 4-8m length depending on pen size and application
  • Moulded Polyurethane Pulley Block fitted to each pole
  • Braided 8mm UV resistant cords for lifting the roof net and side wall.

On Pen Mounting

  • Bolt on plastic handrail stanchion socket (Triton 400 + 450 Pen Ranges)
  • Bolt on galvanised steel base unit socket (Triton 400 + 450 Pen Ranges)
  • Drop in base unit insert (SQ500 range only)
Close up side view of bird net poles in use with a pen
Close up view of where the pole connects at the base with the pen walkway

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