Bird Net Support Wheel

Black bird net support wheel on the water above a fish pen with green netting attached

Our heavy-duty bird net support wheels offer several advantages over conventional tripod bird net supports.

The larger size helps to increase the surface area supporting the top net thus reducing any point loading.

Minimal movement makes them ideal for large diameter pens.

Key Points

  • Main flotation ring made from Ø180mm PE pipe.
  • Utilises electrofusion process and control.
  • Modular design with the option to increase circumference.
  • Polystyrene (EPS) infill through the base pipes as standard.
  • Electrofusion couplers used at all junction points to construct the wheel.
  • Optional central crossbar with a rotary spreader attachment point.
  • Also available in 2m x 2m square form. Customisation is available upon request.


Code BNSW30 (30m) BNSW42 (42m)
Diameter 9.6m 13.4m
Flotation Pipe Size 180mm 180/250mm
Number of Uprights 10 14
Upright Pipe Size 125mm 180/180mm
Top Ring Pipe Size 125mm 125mm
Height 2.6m 3m
Weight 180kg 560/1300kg
Closer view of black bird net support wheel on the water above a fish pen with black netting attached
Black bird net support wheel from bird's eye view constructed of multiple standing poles spaced out in a circle with a circular top and bottom connecting them all together

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