SeaQureLift Winch System

Winch system in situ on a fish pen

The SeaQureLift has been designed for many years reliable service in the rugged marine environment and is the most robust winch design on the market today, along with being very compact.

A common annoyance with competing winches is that ropes jump off. We have solved this by adding tie rods across the SeaQureLift Winch.

The winch location allows clear, safe access around the pen for personnel.

Key Points

  • The winch is tested to just under 2 tonnes and rated to 1500kg.
  • Body of SeaQureLift Winch is all aluminium alloy hard anodised construction.
  • Drum flanges recessed into side plates stops rope jamming.
  • Easy change rope anchoring system on winch drum – no on-site splicing or knot tying required.
  • Emergency stop button on every winch.
  • Safety interlock to prevent mechanical overloading of winches.
  • Winches can be exchanged without the need for an electrician.
  • Control system can be operated with a hand-held wireless controller or from control panel – selectable to prevent unintentional operation from both interfaces at the same time.
  • Inbuilt phase monitoring with interlock ensures correct operation where a different power supply is used with different phase connections.
Winch system in situ on a fish pen
Close up view of the winch system in situ on a fish pen

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