SeaQurePen 500

Rendering of the SeaQurePen 500 black fish pen with the maintenance hatch open and winch system visible

The SeaQurePen 500 is a system born out of a truly collaborative approach with our customers. During our research and development, we considered multiple locations and farming conditions to guide us in producing a fully integrated system for high-energy sites.

What we have delivered is an evolutionary, tough pen system taken from our deep understanding of those customer challenges, in-depth research and development techniques, and a high level of in-house knowledge. SeaQurePen reduces pen furniture and related maintenance and increases reliability which will lower farming costs.

This aquaculture pen system has been developed based on 30 years of industry experience in pens both in Scotland and global markets such as the Mediterranean.

Key Points

  • All PE base unit with resilience against impact, flexibility in big waves, and a very long lifespan due to no corrosion.
  • Moulded anti-torsion features in base unit socket and bottom of one-piece moulded stanchion, creating no rotation.
  • Welded thrust rings allow horizontal rotation without migration meaning no pins in the handrail.
  • I Beam style gusset on the rear of stanchion socket offers a far superior holding power compared to other pens on the market with flat shaped gussets.
  • Recessed, integration connection points for moorings/sinker tubes with independent mooring bases as an option.
  • Optional colour coded grid plates helps to distinguish between similar net and lift rope waterline connections, especially in poor weather. 
  • Central services via 110mm hole through the base.
  • Innovatively designed Hinged Service Deck offers operatives safe and easy access to sub-surface utilities and connections, lessening the risk of difficult manoeuvres around the platform.
Other Key Points:
  • Available from 120m to 200m in circumference.
  • Constructed with two 500mm pipes.
  • Extremely tough, durable and purpose-built for exposure to high energy environments.
  • Heavy-duty and robust against impact, whilst flexible against large waves.
  • Low in maintenance, long in life.
  • Intelligent and innovative use of space on the pen to address a number of challenges around safety and reduce the risk of pen deformation.
  • Bridle mooring point in excess of 20T capacity which was the limit of load testing.
  • Exceeds 30T capacity across the flotation ring locations.
  • More than 12T capacity on stanchion socket bases.
  • Boat tie-up point greater than 10T capacity.
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Black sinker tube with two rings
SeaQurePen 500 fish pen

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