Sinker Tubes

Rendering of a sinker tube in the water

We offer a range of sinker tube options for both 2 and 3 ring pens utilising thick-walled, durable polyethylene pipe with options for either chain or wire cores.

Sinker tubes are a heavy-duty thick-walled butt fused PE weighted ring suspended sub-surface below the base of the main containment net and can be used for a variety of reasons.

Key Points

  • Maximises the main containment net volume in higher current/energy environments which optimises stock holding capacity.
  • Enhances the structure and integrity of the net ensuring convenient use of automated net cleaning technology.
  • Allows better oxygen flow through nets.
  • Can be used with anti-predator netting.
  • Allows for use of smaller mesh nets enabling the use of cleaner fish.
  • The sinker tube’s internal dead weight is either large diameter wire rope or heavy-duty chain internally linked and weight per metre tailored to meet specific site conditions.
  • Equidistant suspension points fitted to the sinker tube include a 3-ton webbing sling choked around the pipe connection to the suspension line with a welded PE stopper either side to hold in position.
  • Flexible suspension lines are available in either rope or chain.

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