Triton 400 Pen

Birds eye view of the Triton 400 fish pen with two men standing on the walkway

The Triton 400 pen system has been developed to meet the demanding conditions found in open sea fish farming sites.

With the future trend of fish farming moving further offshore, these incredibly strong large-diameter pens provide the perfect solution, safe for stock and safe for people.

Key Points

  • Manufactured utilising the security and safety of our proven three-ring system and can be configured as either 2 or 3 rings depending on the site location.
  • Pen manufacture uses butt fusion and electrofusion process and control.
  • A flexible yet robust and durable polyethylene structure, built for challenging environments.
  • Both inner and outer rings are polystyrene filled for added security.
  • A heavy-duty moulded base unit.
  • Heavy gauge handrail pipe used to resist deformation.
  • Incorporates a full slip-resistant, modular decking system compliant with current HSE guidelines.
  • Pens have a low environmental visual impact.
  • Low maintenance design resistant to saltwater corrosion.
  • A range of customisation possibilities and accessories available upon request.
  • All pens supplied with an operator manual.


Pen Circumference 80m 90m 100m 120m 150m
Pen Diameter 25.5 38.2 41.4 47.7 50.9
No. of uprights 32 36 40 48 60
Volume per 1m of net depth (1m3) 510 645 796 1146 1791
Pen weight (ton) 2 rings / 3 rings 7.7 / 9.3 8.8 / 10.9 9.8 / 12.1 11.7 / 14.5 14.6 / 18
Gross pen buoyancy (ton)* 2 rings / 3 rings 18.2 / 27.4 20.5 / 30.7 22.6 / 34 27 / 40.5 33.6 / 50.4

* Calculations are for seawater conditions

Triton 400 fish pen on the water with a red and white boat in the background
Triton 400 Parts
  1. 2 or 3 Ø400mm polyethylene rings with heavy walled pipe to resist impact and kinking
  2. Ø140mm electrofusion stanchion tee with additional cleat
  3. Ø140mm stanchion/thick walled handrail
  4. Heavy duty PE base unit complete with built-in fender and predator net attachment points
  5. Injection moulded modular decking
  6. Electrofusion or extrusion weld stops used to minimise base movement
  7. Injection moulded retainer pin
  8. Ø90mm retainer pipe used to integrate decking with base units and secured with Electrofusion for a permanent and flexible fix
  9. Polystyrene (EPS) inner ring infill
  10. 6.8m/8 Tonne blue mooring strop
Diagram of the different parts of the pen system linking to the Triton parts text

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