SeaFeed Pellet Detection

SeaFeed Pellet Detection on a computer screen targeting individual feed pellets

We recognise that maintaining an optimum feeding schedule, minimising feed waste and caring for the environment, is mission-critical for feed operators.

We have invested in the development of state-of-the-art pellet detection software which will provide highly sought efficiency savings and enable increased productivity.

SeaFeedTM Pellet Detection controls the SeaFeedTM System in line with configurable parameters further minimising feed waste, increasing feed conversion ratios and improving operator efficiency. 

Key Points

  • Intuitive traffic light indication scheme can be configured with audio alerts.
  • Automatic compensation of changing lighting conditions means less operator intervention.
  • Visually highlighted pellets within the camera image shown on screen.
  • Configurable threshold trigger levels.
  • A handful of parameters will optimise the detection algorithms making it simple to configure to the customer site.
  • Pellet path monitoring to advanced detection accuracy in challenging conditions.
  • Provides rich data which will enable you to analyse your current stocks’ appetite to develop tomorrow’s feed plans.
  • Complete focus on all your pens, all of the time.
Three feed selectors lined up on a feed barge with fish pens in the background

Automatic control of feeding

SeaFeedTM pellet detection software has full system integration capability with SeaFeedTM Feed System to provide automatic control of feeding.  Supported by configurable parameters set by the user, the level of pellets detected during feeding will help determine future feed plans.  Feed managers can also benefit from additional reporting derived from system data in order to assist in future feed plans.

SeaFeed Pellet Detection on a computer screen

How does our pellet detection software work?

SeaFeedTM Pellet Detection has been fundamentally designed to automatically and intelligently control the SeaFeedTM Feeding System.  Utilising clear imagery coming from the SeaSight HD Camera, our highly skilled technology team have configured next edge detection algorithms within the pellet detection software which can then intelligently pinpoint feed pellets.

To ensure complete clarity in the detection of pellets the image is digitally enhanced to overcome some of the light-filtering effects of the seawater.  During detection in manual mode, if the number of pellets detected is higher than the operator configurable “threshold” then the alert system is engaged, and the pen screen is displayed with an orange outline border to visually indicate to the user that the threshold is being surpassed.

If no action is taken and the number of pellets detected is still over the threshold then the system changes the screen border to red. An audio alarm can be configured to draw the operator’s attention when both orange and red indications are triggered.

SeaFeed Pellet Detection with orange frame indicating requirement for operator attention

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