SeaFeed Software

SeaFeed software showing information about fish feed on a computer screen

Our in-house technology team has developed the SeaFeedTM software to enable users to have the ability to control feed distribution in a way that best suits the feeding characteristics of their livestock and their company feeding schedules, monitors their environment, and their stock production.

Put simply, SeaFeedTM software allows each farm to control how they feed in the way that suits them, their fish and the environment they grow their fish in.

SeaFeedTM software provides a simple, clear and intuitive customisable user interface with a complex and intelligent back end control system.

Key Points

  • Operator log in offers traceability of adjustments and feed distribution.
  • Feed pattern logging allows efficient monitoring of fish growth and also ease of operator training.
  • Browser-based programming to enable simple computer stability and reduce operator costs.
  • Simple, clear user interface screens contribute to a welcome reduction in operator fatigue.
  • Overview screen with basic control functionality to prevent accessing multiple screens during camera monitoring.
  • Automatic indication of local daylight hours allows you to plan with confidence.
  • Automatic mode alerts the user when daylight constraints infringe on daily targets.
  • Simple feed rate calibration method.
  • Fully automatic data backups created.

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