Underwater Lighting

SeaLight underwater LED light against a grey background

Our remarkably small yet robust underwater LED lights have been designed with the focus of providing a quality, bright solution for use in either hatchery or sea environment while delivering significant cost savings in comparison to conventional lighting – all while ensuring that salmon continue to grow successful in natural low light conditions.

The SeaLight LED underwater aquaculture lamp system combines high output and long life in a compact, energy-saving package. With up to 72% energy saving and a life expectancy of 70,000 hours; fuel/power consumption is reduced, and downtime is minimal, saving you money while also being great for the environment.

Birds eye view of the three SeaLight lights lit up in a fish pen with salmon swimming around

Key Points

  • Available in two types – anodised and stainless steel. Different coloured lighting options are also available including blue LED and normal LED lighting.
  • Each lamp uses just 240W of power but produces the equivalent of a 1Kw conventional metal halide lamp.
  • Great for the environment with savings of up to 72% on either electricity or fuel compared to conventional lamps.
  • 0-100% dimmable and 14 times longer lifespan than conventional lights.
  • Each pen or tank can be independently controlled, allowing dimming and brightening to be set out of normal hours
  • Up to four lights can be controlled and are dimmable from one control box.
  • Incredibly simple installation.
  • Less energy use means it is better for the environment than conventional lighting.


Power 0 – 240v Watt Adjustable
Colour temperature 400K
Light output 28,360 Lumen
Life expectancy 70,000 hours
Diameter 120 mm
Height 110 mm
Weight 1.5kg anodised LED 4.5kg stainless steel LED
System power supply Input: 110 – 240Vac Output: 1-4 lamps 60Vdc, 4A
Power factor correction PF = 0.99

Cost Saving Comparison:

Discover for yourself the advantage of SeaLight’s low power consumption by asking us to specify a small fuel-efficient generator to run your lights overnight. SeaLight offers direct financial savings as demonstrated in the comparison below which in turn has benefits for the environment too.

Generator Size 65kva 9kva
Fuel Consumption 14.3 l/h 2.5 l/h
Diesel Price £0.60 £0.60
Hours Running 13 13
Overnight Running Cost £111.54 £19.50

In this example, switching to our SeaLight has a daily fuel saving of approximately £92. Challenge us to look at your site and calculate how much you could save.

Man in blue jacket testing out the SeaLight controller with the SeaLight light at a desk
SeaLight LED control box against a white background

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