Marine Moorings

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The Gael Force name in many marine markets is synonymous with moorings and mooring systems. We have a track record second to none in our home market for designing, specifying, assembling and managing the installation of moorings from single point assemblies to large scale, multi-node grid systems.

We custom specify mooring systems to particular customer requirements such as locations, sea state and weather parameters and complete a detailed analysis of maximum loads and performance requirements. The experience we have built over many years in deploying mooring systems and monitoring their performance enables us to offer customers total peace of mind.

Our moorings and mooring systems are supplied to the aquaculture, commercial fishing and commercial marine industries. We also supply to leisure marine boat owners, marina operators, harbour authorities and renewable energy projects.

Aquaculture Moorings

For over 30 years, we have been trusted by customers globally to design, specify, assemble and manage the installation of robust multi-node grid systems which have been proven to stand strong in some of the most extreme marine environments found in the Northern Hemisphere.

Find out more information about our moorings services for the Aquaculture industry here.

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Marinas & Pontoons

We have the ability to supply a full mooring service for pontoon and breakwater installation, providing a complete specification to meet site demands.

Find out more information about our moorings services for the Marina industry here.

Mutliple lengths of chain attached to mooring points on concrete with piles of chain behind them
Single Point Moorings

Together at both our Inverness and Glasgow premises, we assemble systems; cutting chain, splicing ropes and seizing shackles before palletising ready for delivery to site. We maintain a strong position in the UK as a leading specialist in mooring systems. 

Single point systems, sometimes referred to as swinging moorings, vary for many types of craft and situation. Size and displacement of boat, seabed and location will all determine the system put in place. At Gael Force, we can design and calculate the right system for you, whether it’s a single concrete block or a type-approved anchor mooring.

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Catalogue & Brochure

Visit our Resources page to access our Aquaculture catalogue and Marinas and Pontoons brochure for more information about our moorings services.

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Aquaculture Moorings Manager

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Pontoon & Moorings Sales Manager